Plant Utah is devoted to making disciples who make disciples and planting healthy missional churches that plant other healthy churches in Utah and beyond! We’re a church planting network in Utah that focuses on planting churches through relational disciple-making in cities that are less than 1% evangelical Christian.


  1. Make Disciples – Our primary objective is to make disciples who make disciples through authentic and intentional relationships.
  2. Plant Churches – We intend to be a movement of healthy missional churches who plant new churches in Utah.
  3. Develop Networks – Supply new churches with personnel, accountability and financial resources through networks of churches.


  1. Intentionality – Church planting and disciple making demands a high level of intentionality.
  2. Relationships – Jesus’ process for making-disciples was highly relational because it works.
  3. Reproducibility – Movements require processes that are simple enough to easily reproduce.


The unique cultural/religious climate of Utah creates a distinction in and of itself. Our core area is made up of less than 1% evangelical Christians while more than 80% are Latter-day Saints. This demands an understanding of and sensitivity to the LDS faith. It is a realization that LDS people are a people group with their own unique culture. This requires us to adjust our ministry methods in a way that relates to the culture. We love Mormons!

Another distinctive of Plant Utah is our understanding that new churches are the result of planting the gospel and making disciples.